UGC Net / JRF-Study Manual Forensic Science

UGC Net JRF-Study Manual Forensic Science

UGC Net / JRF-Study Manual Forensic Science by Anil Kumar Singh

A best book for qualifying UGC NET exam of Forensic Science.

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Commerce – Objective Type

objective commerce


FUNDAMENTALS OF ACCOUNTING THOROUGHLY ASSEMBLED, latest amendments in company accounts incorporated. thoroughly revisededition, – 2014 best book for CA – CPT , UGC-NET , STATE SERVICES , PSU’S , -DEPARTEMENTAL , EXAMS , NAMELY – NTPC , BHEL , SAIL , GAIL and More . Table of Contents
Part I : Accountancy and Auditing

1. Introduction to Accounting

3. Accounting Standards

4. The Accounting Process

5. Final Accounts (Sole Proprietors and Partnership Firms)

6. Final Accounts of Non-Profit Organisation

7. Partnership Accounts

8. Company Accounts-Shares and Debentures

9. Final Accounts of Joint Stocks Companies

10. Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements

11. Statement of Sources and Application of Funds

12. Cash Flow Statement

13. Auditing

Part II : Business Organisation, Management and Company Law

14. Meaning, Scope and Objective of Business

15. Forms of Business Organisation

16. Business Finance

17. Capital and Money Markets

18. Business Combinations and Rationalisation

19. Foreign Trade

20. Insurance

21. Principles and Functions of Management

22. Office Management

23. Company Law and Secretarial Practice

Appendix I- Miscellaneous Objective Type Questions

Appendix II- Model test paper (Based on C. S. Question Paper of Previous

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Objective Sociology

objective sociology

Expected Questions on Sociology 4000 Objective Questions for JNU Entrance, Civil Services pre, State Public Service & UGC etc

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Objective Home Science

Objective Home Science

Objective Home Science by RPH Editorial Board

A Collection of Highly useful Questions for Competitive Exams
Health; Food and Nutrition; Family and Home Management; Clothing and Textile; Physiology; Child Psychology; Environment and Surroundings; Study Material.

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Towards Legal Literacy: An Introduction to Law in India

by Kamala Sankaran (Author), Ujjwal Singh (Author)

Towards Legal Literacy: An Introduction to Law in India by Kamala Sankaran, Ujjwal Singh

This book is a citizen’s introduction to the law, the legal system, and a wide range of contemporary social and political issues in India. Written by experts, but concise and easy-to-read, it shows how • the law impacts everyday life and society • the focus of law is not merely punishment of wrongdoers but also protection of the weak • the law is an instrument of social justice • the constitution relates to other laws • security concerns are interconnected with human rights This volume invites readers to explore the Indian legal system in its totality and introduces them to all key aspects of the law • the basic structure doctrine • the criminal justice system • the concept of religious personal laws • anti-terror laws • cyber laws • law of contract • labour and employment laws • environmental law • gender justice Written especially for students of the recently restructured BA Programme of the University of Delhi and designed as a text for its Legal Literacy course, this book will also be of immense use to students in the early stages of courses in political science, law, sociology of law, gender studies, as well as to curious and concerned general readers.

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University Administration and System in India

University Administration and System in India

University Administration and System in India by R. S. Jaglan, Karam Pal Narwal

Given that economic development, accelerated by an expanding base of higher education may lead to the reduction of other kinds of disparities – social, regional, political – its contribution in stabilizing our civil society cannot be underestimated. This in turn may further help the process of national development. This book examines these issues. The insight of “university administration and systems in India” is considered the most common issue for all stakeholders engaged in higher education, especially at post-graduate level. This book includes thirty-three chapters. The basic concepts are explained with suitable illustrations. All the chapters have been contributed by scholars.

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Tests, Measurements and Research in Behavioural Sciences

Tests, Measurements and Research in Behavioural Sciences

Tests, Measurements and Research in Behavioural Sciences by A K Singh

Chapters are well covered and scientific methods are explained in lucid language so that students are able to get a clear understanding of the concepts and principles in it. Interactive chapters help the students to not only learn but also simultaneously exercise the concepts.

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