UGC NET Important Books

UGC NET aspirants can find here the list of important books for UGC NET preparation.

UGC-NET Important Books

  1. NTA UGC NET/ SET/ JRF : Paper 1 Teaching and Research Aptitude 

Publication: Pearson

Price: 310


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  1. NTA-UGC-NET (Paper-I) 50 Practice Papers (Solved)

Publication: Ramesh Publication

Price: 160

Author: R. Gupta

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  1. Teaching Aptitude & Teaching Aptitude

Publication: Ramesh Publication

Price: 75

Author: R. Gupta

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  1. Manovigyan, Samajshastra Tatha Shiksha Main Shodh Vidhiyan

Publication: Motilal Banarsidas

Price: 279

Author: Arun Kumar Singh

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  1. Research Methodology : Methods And Techniques 

Publication: New Age International Publishers

Price: 308

Author: C.R. Kothari

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  1. Data Analysis & Interpretation

Publication: Disha Publication

Price: 123

Author: Disha Experts

Buy Link:

  1. Computer Awareness

Publication: Arihant Publication

Price: 123

Author: Arihant Experts

Buy Link:

  1. Reading Comprehension

Publication: Arihant Publication

Price: 179

Author: Ajay Singh

Buy Link:

  1. Reasoning

Publication: S.Chand

Price: 191

Author: R.S. Aggarwal

Buy Link:

  1. Mass Communication in India

Publication: Jaico Publishing House

Price: 246

Author: Keval J. Kumar

Buy Link:

  1. Reasoning Ability and Quantitative Aptitude

Publication: Wiley

Price: 380

Author: TCY Online

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  1. Environment 

Publication: Shankar IAS Academy

Price: 340

Author: Shankar

Buy Link:

  1. Higher Education In India

Publication: Orient Blackswan Private Limited – New Delhi

Price: 1028

Author: Tilak J.B.G.

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Implemention of National Academic Depositary For Colleges, Universities and Students

National Academic Depositary should be implemented by all the colleges and universities for the storage and uploading academic degrees and mark sheets etc. digitally so that the students can access all these globally when they need. The students should also register in the National Academic Depositary.

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Importance of Quiz Practice and Unit Wise Authentic Books in UGC NET Success

Did you ever think why the percentage of UGC NET qualified candidates is very low every time. I explain you here.

During training the UGC NET aspirants in UGC NET workshops in different colleges, I observed the major factors among which two factors I am share with you here as following:

  • Lack of Practice Quiz: The mode of UGC NET examination is online and the questions are asked in objective pattern. Students prepare for a long time but only few percentage of them practice with practical approach. Apart from this, in the examination hall they do a variety of mistakes regarding it. For such types of solutions visit the following links:
  • Choose Authentic Books Unit Wise: Most of the UGC NET aspirants study only with one book and that is not sufficient to prepare for UGC NET examination as the difficulty level of each subject is so high. My recommendation is to
  • Explore UGC NET books here.
  • Prepare UGC NET taking unit wise authentic books suggested by subject teachers and experts.

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