UGC NET Exam Dates

According to National Testing Agency, the dates of UGC NET examination are finalized for UGC-NET December 2020 and June 2021 cycles.

For new schedule please click below link:

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NTA NET Study Habits

Every NTA NET aspirant has their own study habits. Some NTA NET aspirants like to work in the library, while others like to work at home. Some NTA NET aspirants like to work at one time, while others like to spread out their work throughout the day.

There are many ways to study, and the best way for each individual to study is to figure out what works for them.

UGC NET is one of the toughest examinations in India.

NTA UGC NET aspirants need to form healthy study habits in order to get the most out of their education. Get enough sleep, get enough rest, find a balance between studying and not studying, and eat healthy meals.

Studying is a difficult endeavor. It’s important to be organized and prepared to succeed. Here are some study habits which are helpful for securing success in NTA UGC NET examination.

Thanks for reading. Best of Luck !


Dr. Mohd. Rizwan


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UGC NET 2021 Revision Tips

A lot of UGC NET aspirants are looking for ways to cut down the amount of time it takes to complete their exam preparation. They are looking for ways to study in a shorter time frame.

Exam qualification is a challenging task that only a few people will be able to achieve. The process requires a lot of time and energy, but it can be done. It all starts with a good plan. It is important to be realistic about how much time you have, and set realistic goals. The article “Last Month Preparation Tips for NTA-UGC-NET” will give you a few tips on how to make the most of your month, and how to qualify your exam in one month.

Get yourself a calendar and pencil and start studying. You don’t have to study all the information in the course into one month, but you should review your notes and outline about once a day. Make sure you keep track of all your work and study time so you know what you have left to study.

Best of luck for the examination!


Dr. Mohd. Rizwan


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NTA UGC NET – Advisory related to COVID-19 (December 2020 and June 2021 Cycles)

The National Testing Agency has issued an advisory in Information Bulletin (December 2020 and June 2021 cycles) for UGC NET aspirants they should take it seriously. The aspirants must carry only the following with them into the examination center.

  1. Admit Card along with Self Declaration (Undertaking) downloaded from the NTA Website (a clear printout on A4 size paper) duly filled in.
  2. A simple transparent Ball Point Pen.
  3. Additional photograph, to be pasted on Attendance Sheet
  4. Personal hand sanitizer (50 ml).
  5. Personal transparent water bottle.
  6. Sugar tablets/fruits (like banana/apple/orange) in case the candidate is diabetic.

News Source:

Download the Information Bulletin. Click here

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UGC NET eNotes 1-10

ICT Questions

CAD = Computer Aided Design

ISDN = Integrated Services Digital Network

MPEG = Moving Pictures Experts Group

USB = Universal Serial Bus

DTH = Direct to Home

DuckDuckGo is an Search Engine.

Brave is an open-source Web Browser.

Bitdefender is an Anti Virus.

Demio is a webinar software.

Google was founded in 04 September 1998.

These eNotes are taken from Dr. Mohd. Rizwan eBook, “UGC NET eNotes” published by Ultra Creations Publication.

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