Important Full Forms For ICT Unit

ASP            Active Server Pages

ALU           Arithmetic Logic Unit

ARPANET Advanced Research Projects Agency Network

AUI            Attachment Unit Interface

BIOS          Basic Input Output System

BCC           Blind Carbon Copy

CDMA       Code Division Multiple Access

CDRW       Compact Disk Rewritable

DVDR        Digital Versatile Disk Recordable

DBMS        Data Base Management System

DNS           Domain Name System

DVR                    Digital Video Recorder

E-Commerce Electronic Commerce

EROM        Erasable Read Only Memory

FORTRAN Formula Translation

FTP            File Transfer Protocol

GiB             GIBI BYTE

GPRS         General Packet Radio Service

GUI            Graphical User Interface

GSM           Global System for Mobile Communication

HTTPS       Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure

ISP              Internet Service Provider

IBM            International Business Machines

ICT             Information Communication Technology

JPEG          Joint Photographic Expert Group

LCD           Liquid Crystal Display

MAN          Metropolitan Area Network

MBPS         Megabits/Megabytes Per Second

MICR         Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

Mp3            MPEG Audio Layer 3

Mp4            MPEG – 4 AVC (Advanced Video Coding)

NIC             Network Interface Card

OMR          Optical Mark Reader/Recognition

PDF            Portable Document Format

PDA           Personal Digital Assistant

PSU            Power Supply Unit

RPM                    Revolutions Per Minute

SMPS         Switch Mode Power Supply

SIM            Subscriber Identity Module

TCP            Transmission Control Protocol

USB            Universal Serial Bus

VIRUS       Vital Information Resource Under Seized

VGA           Video Graphics Array

WORM      Write Once Read Many

XML          Extensible Markup Language

Yahoo         Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle

ZB              ZETTA BYTE


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