ugc net books

I have recommended few selected UGC NET BOOKS for the UGC NET aspirants unit wise as no single book can cover entire syllabus of this one of the toughest examinations in India.

I have recommended different books unit wise as sometimes if any book is not available on amazon so the aspirants can buy alternate UGC NET BOOKS.

The aspirants can buy paperback or ebook version which is readable on mobile, tablet or computer.

Let’s explore these UGC NET BOOKS with solvod papers, tips and practice sets also…

2. NTA UGC NET / SET / JRF - Paper 1 Teaching and Research Aptitude updated syllabus 2019 with Solved paper

1. UGC NET/JRF,SLET First Paper lucent

4. Proficiency in Reading Comprehension Simplifying the 'Passage' for you

5. Mass Communication in India

3. Research Methodology : Methods And Techniques

9. Educational Technology And ICT

6. A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning

7. Wiley's Reasoning Ability and Quantitative Aptitude

8. Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency

10. Environment By Shankar

11. Higher Education in India

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Recommended By:- Mohd. Rizwan (M.A., M. Com, B.Ed. & UGC NET in Multiple Disciplines)

Assistant Professor at Kumaun University, Nainital

Author and Translator of more than 30 books.

Admin Blogger at

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net exam 101 important links


In this post I would to like to share NET EXAM 101 important links so that the aspirants may come to know about different essential facts and frequent asked questions about NET exam. I believe, through these 101 links the aspirants will be able to enhance their knowledge about NET exam. Moreover, through these 101 links they will have access to free study materials such as important questions, revision notes, free book, recommended books and free mock tests etc.

Let’s explore these 101 important links as following:-

1. How to Qualify NTA UGC NET

2. UGC NET E-Books

3. NET Exam Eligibility

4. UGC NET Syllabus

5. Exam Day Tips and Tricks

6. Things to Remember in Online NTA-UGC-NET Examination!


8. UGC NET Examination Hall Tips

9. How to Manage Time for NTA-UGC-NET

10. Success Secrets for NTA-UGC-NET

11. How NTA UGC NET is one of the toughest examinations in India ?

12. SLET Exam

13. Time Management for NTA-UGC-NET


15. 10 Tips to Crack UGC NET in First Attempt

16. Research Methodology Important Books in Hindi and English

17. Free Mock Tests : Test Now!

18. Download Free Book: You Can Qualify UGC-NET

19. Useful Devices for Reading Purpose for NTA UGC NET on Amazon

20. Questions 1-50 Unit-Research Aptitude

21. UGC NET General Paper Supplement # 1

22. UGC NET General Paper Supplement # 2

23. UGC NET General Paper Supplement # 3

24. Free Mock Test – 1 Research Aptitude Unit

25. Free Mock Test – 2 Research Aptitude Unit

26. Free Mock Test – 3 Research Aptitude Unit

27. Free Mock Test – 4 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Unit

28. Free Mock Test – 5 Communication Unit

29. Free Mock Test – 6 Research Aptitude Unit

30. Free Mock Test – 7 Research Aptitude Unit

31. Free Mock Test – 8 Higher Education System Unit

32. Free Mock Test – 9 Teaching Aptitude Unit

33. Free Mock Test – 10 Teaching Aptitude Unit

34. Free Mock Test – 11 Higher Education System Unit

35. Free Mock Test – 12 Higher Education System Unit

36. Free Mock Test – 13 People, Development and Environment Unit

37. Free Mock Test – 14 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Unit

38. Free Mock Test – 15 People, Development and Environment Unit

39. UGC NET Revision Notes # 1 Unit- Teaching Aptitude

40. UGC NET Revision Notes # 2 Unit- Research Aptitude

41. UGC NET Revision Notes # 3 Unit- Communication

42. UGC NET Revision Notes # 4 Unit- People, Development and Environment

43. UGC NET Revision Notes # 5 Unit- Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

44. UGC NET Revision Notes # 6 Unit- Teaching Aptitude

45. UGC NET Revision Notes # 7 Unit- Higher Education System

46. UGC NET Revision Notes # 8 Unit- Research Aptitude

47. UGC NET Revision Notes # 9 Unit- Communication

48. UGC NET Revision Notes # 10 Unit- Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

49. UGC NET Revision Notes # 11 Unit- Higher Education System

50. Last Month Preparation Tips for NTA-UGC-NET December 2019

51. Download Useful Free Books for NTA-UGC-NET

52. UGC NET Important Questions 1-10 Unit – Teaching Aptitude

53. UGC NET Important Questions 11-20 Unit – ICT

54. UGC NET Important Questions 21-30 Unit – Research Aptitude

55. UGC NET Important Questions 31-40 Unit – Communication

56. UGC NET Important Questions 41-50 Unit – People, Development and Environment

57. UGC NET Important Questions # 51-60

58. Tips to Crack UGC NET June 2020

59. Useful Groups For UGC NET June 2020


61. Benefits of CBT mode Examination in NTA NET

62. How to handle CBT mode in NTA UGC NET

63. JRF and SRF

64. Types of Variables

65. Steps of The Research Process (With Types)

66. Research Ethics

67. Commonly Asked Questions NTA UGC NET (1-15 Questions)

68. Commonly Asked Questions NTA UGC NET (16-30 Questions)

69. Benefits of UGC NET / JRF

70. NET Qualified Lecturers Salary

71. Types of Researches

72. How many study hours are needed to prepare for UGC NET

73. Helpful Habits For UGC NET

74. Types of Universities in India

75. Methods of Teaching

76. Lecture Method of Teaching

77. Difference among Conference, Workshop, Seminar and Symposium

78. Role Play Method of Teaching

79. Discussion Method of Teaching

80. Five things to remember for UGC NET preparation

81. Digital Initiatives in Higher Education

82. Definitions of Education

83. Important Definitions – Philosophy, Idealism, Realism, Naturalism and Pragmatism

84. Career Options after UGC NET

85. Top 5 E-Books For NTA UGC NET

86. Recommended E-Books for Research Aptitude

87. Primary and Secondary Data

88. UGC NET Free e-Books

89. Definitions of Hypothesis

90. Recommended Books of ICT for UGC NET

91. Difference Between Search Engines and Browsers

92. Top 5 E-Books for UGC NET Data Interpretation and Analysis

93. Tips and Techniques for UGC NET

94. Join Our Telegram Group for Free Study Material

95. Join Our Telegram Channel for Free Study Material

96. Join Our Whatsapp Group 01 for Free Study Material

97. Join Our Whatsapp Group 02 for Free Study Material

98. Join Our Whatsapp Group 03 for Free Study Material

99. Website for Recommended Books For UGC NET

100. 51 Tips to Crack NTA UGC NET for 1 Paper

101. For Regular Relevant Posts Visit

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ugc net ebooks

As far as my experience is concerned, UGC NET E-Books play a very important role in UGC NET success.

These ebooks are easily readable in mobile, tablet or computer also.

Here I recommend few important ebooks which are essential for revision and practice purpose also. These ebooks are as follow:

UGC NET E-Book 01

UGC NET E-Book 02

UGC NET E-Book 03

UGC NET E-Book 04

UGC NET E-Book 05

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Tips and Techniques for UGC NET


Tips and Techniques for UGC NET

Near about one million aspirants appear in UGC NET examination and less than 10% of total appearing aspirants qualified this respectful and one of the toughest examinations of India.

Today I share few tips and techniques for UGC NET and I believe that all these tips and techniques will help all the aspirants so much to crack UGC NET examination in the first attempt.

Let’s explore these tips and techniques for UGC NET.

  1. Choose Authentic Books Only:- Whenever I train the aspirants in any UGC NET workshop or UGC NET training program, I asked a question to the aspirants with which books they are preparing for UGC NET and most of the time I got the response that they are preparing with only a book which has all units combined in a single book. In my point of view these sort of books are essential for revision and practice purpose when you have prepared a lot through the separate books for each unit of the syllabus. Such popular book is recommended here. So prepare unit wise accordingly through authentic books recommended by your teachers or subject experts.
  2. Time Management is Required:- When we prepare unit wise through authentic books, a lot of time is required regularly. Moreover, we have to perform other responsibilities also in our lives so the time management is to be maintained and a minimum of dedicated 3-4 hours are essential for self-study purpose.
  3. Note Making is Essential:- Note making is essential to revise the syllabus in a short period. Moreover, it strengthens our command over the subject. I recommend to take a blank register on which the notes are to be made by the UGC NET aspirants. These types of hand written notes are easy to revise efficiently. I have done it personally and got the benefits of this practice.
  4. Revise the Entire Syllabus:- Once the syllabus is completed, the aspirants must revise it unit wise firstly and then randomly. At this level for revision and practice purpose the aspirants can use the popular single book which has all units together in it.
  5. Take Mock Tests:- UGC itself recommended to take mock tests to qualify the UGC NET examination. The aspirants must take the mock tests on regular basis. Few free mock tests unit wise are recommended for the aspirants on the provided link here.
  6. Do Group Study:- The aspirants can prepare for General Paper in groups also as it sharpen their learning skills and revision practice also. The sincere and dedicated group members can learn more in specific subjects also. For learning and practice purposes, the aspirants can join social media groups which are dedicated to UGC NET examination. I recommend following social media groups for relevant posts, tips, study material, important questions and much more on UGC NET examination.

These Tips and Techniques for UGC NET  are taken from the book, “51 Tips to Crack NTA-UGC-NET: General Paper” written by Mohammad Rizwan. This book can be bought from

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Definitions of Hypothesis

definitions of hypothesis

Hypothesis word is taken from the Greek words ‘Hypo’ and ‘Tithenas’. ‘Hypo’ means under and ‘Tithenas’ means to place. In easy words we can understand that hypothesis is an intelligent prediction through which the researcher finds the relationship between two or more variables and the conclusions of the research are revealed.

The hypothesis plays one of the most important role in the whole research process done by the researcher as the hypothesis suggests which sort of research method and analysis technique are the best to choose for the particular research problem.

Example of Hypothesis: “There is no significant difference between the intelligence level of boys and girls of arts and science streams.”  (It is an example of Null Hypothesis and here the researcher wants to relationship between the intelligence level of boys and girls of arts and science streams.)

Let’s explore few major definitions of hypothesis.

Definitions of Hypothesis

“A hypothesis is a tentative generalization, the validity of which remains to be tested. In this most elementary stage, the hypothesis may be very hunch, guess, imagination data, which becomes the basis for action or investigation.”

—— George A Luniberg

“A hypothesis is written in such a way that it can be proven or disproven by valid and reliable data – in order to obtain these data that we perform our study.”

 —— Jr. Richard Grinnell

“A hypothesis is a statement capable of being tested and thereby verified or rejected.”

—— Rummel and Balline

“A hypothesis is a proposition, condition or principle which is assumed, perhaps without belief, in order to draw out its logical consequences and by this method to test its accord with facts which are known or may be determined.”

—— Webster Dictionary

“Hypothesis is a proposition which can be put to test, to determine validity.”

—— Goode and Hatt

 “A hypothesis is an attempt at explanation of a provisional supposition made in order to explain scientifically some facts or phenomenon.”

—— Coffey

“A tentative statement about something, the validity of which is usually unknown.”

—— James Black A & J Champion Dean

“A hypothesis directs our search for the order. It is not essential for a hypothesis to be necessarily true.”

—— Cohen M. and Negel E.


Types of Hypothesis

The major categorization of hypothesis can be done as follow:

Research Hypothesis

Null Hypothesis

Testable Hypothesis

We will learn more about above types of hypotheses in future posts.

The aspirants can learn more about hypothesis on the following link…

Read more about:

Important Definitions – Philosophy, Idealism, Realism, Naturalism and Pragmatism

Definitions of Education

UGC NET Free Books

Career Options after UGC NET


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UGC NET Free Books

ugc net books

Time to time I provide tips to crack NTA UGC NET. Today I am suggesting a new method through which the aspirants can prepare for UGC NET examination.  As this is the lockdown period, so the aspirants can prepare through FREE E-Books of UGC NET available on

Here I recommend some books also for the purpose.

Along with those E-Books, you can read more Free UGC NET books in e-book formats. Moreover, you can read all these books on your mobile, tablet or PC also.

Click here on the link to avail this particular facility provided as per terms and conditions applied by

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Some Free UGC NET BOOKS are as follow to read on

If you don’t want to join the free program and want to buy these books, you can visit on the following links for the buying…

The aspirants can download other UGC NET free books from the below link also….

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Top 5 E-Books for NTA UGC NET

top 5 e-books for nta ugc net

As we all facing lockdown and paperback delivery is not possible, the NTA UGC NET aspirants can buy e-books and so they can prepare through these top 5 e-books for NTA UGC NET.

These e-books are easy to download and to read on each device such as mobile, computer, kindle or tablet etc.

Let’s explore these top 5 e-books.

E-Book No. 01

E-Book No. 02

E-Book No. 03

E-Book No. 04

E-Book No. 05

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Career Options after UGC NET

career options after ugc net

Career Options after UGC NET

As far as my experience is concerned, most of the UGC NET qualifier choose the following first two options yet there are multiple career options after clearing UGC NET examination. Let’s explore these options which are as follow:

  1. Joining the Job: Once your UGC NET examination is cleared, you are eligible for the post of Assistant Professor throughout the country. For this, you have to apply for the vacancies in colleges or university campuses. When you are shortlisted and you have cleared the interview, you can join the reputed post of Assistant Professor in university college or campus. You can apply for different sort of teaching jobs in colleges or campuses for example: Guest Faculty, Contractual Faculty or Permanent Faculty etc.

  2. Ph.D. or M.Phil : After clearing UGC NET, you can apply for M.Phil or Ph.D. for further research studies. If you have cleared NET with JRF and selected for the JRF post in university college or campus, you will be funded by UGC for the purpose also. If you are teaching as an Assistant Professor in a college or university campus and don’t want the avail the benefits of NET JRF, your Ph.D. will be so helpful your promotion to Assistant Professor post over there.
  3. Taking the Government Project: It is also another career option after UGC NET. You can join the Government project also. For the purpose you have to apply for the desired project and after selection you will be appointed for the particular project for a specific time. You can earn a handsome amount on such type of projects also. Moreover, you will earn a lot of research experience through all these experiences which will be further fruitful to you in your career.
  4. Other Options: As the UGC NET is one of the toughest exams in India, It opens the doors to multiple opportunities. After clearing UGC NET you can become an author, UGC NET expert and trainer or you can join the managerial or HR posts in public sectors such as BHEL, ONGC and IOCL etc.

 Well, all jobs are fine and it depends upon you in which career option after UGC NET you are interest.

 Right Preparation strategies are required to clear the UGC NET examinations. Click here to explore the Tips to Crack NTA UGC NET examination.

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 Best of Luck from Mohd. Rizwan

 Admin Blogger

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Definitions of Education

definitions of education

Definitions of Education

Few major definitions of education are as follow:

“Education is the process of training man to fulfill his aim by exercising all the faculties to the fullest extent as a member of society. 

 —– Aristotle

“ By education, I mean the all round drawing out of the best in child and man-body, mind and soul.”

 —– M.K. Gandhi

“ Education is that process of development which consists the passage of human being from infancy to maturity, the process whereby he adapts himself gradually in various ways to his physical and spiritual environment.”

 —– T. Raymont

“ Education is a process in which and by which knowledge, character and behaviour of the young are shaped and moulded.”

 —– Drever

“ Education is a process by which the child makes the internal external.”

 —– Froebel

“ Education is the manifestation of perfection already reached in man.”

 —– Vivekanand

“ Education is a natural, harmonious and progressive development of man’s innate powers.”

 —– Pestalozzi

“ Education is the complete development of individuality of the child, so that he can make his original contribution of human life according to his best capacity.”

 —– T.P. Nunn

“ Education mans the bringing out of the ideas of universal validity which are latent in the mind of every man.”

 —– Socrates

“ Education means to enable the child to find out ultimate truth…making truth its own and giving expression to it.”

 —– R.N. Tagore

“In the broadest sense, education is the device by which a social group continued existence renew yourself, and defend his ideas.”

 —– H.H Horne

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How many study hours are needed to prepare for UGC NET

ugc net books

How many study hours are needed to prepare for UGC NET

“How many hours are need to prepare for UGC NET examination?”.  It is very common question the aspirants asked me in UGC NET training classes or workshops.  Let me tell the answer of this burning question on also.

As everyone knows time management is the key to success in any examination, we must allocate our time to unit wise syllabus of UGC NET.

As far as the study hours are concerned, these may be different from person to person due to individual differences. Some aspirants can prepare a chapter in two hours while others can do it in five hours. In my point of view the regular 3-5 hours study time is sufficient to crack the UGC NET examination in first attempt.

As the UGC NET is one of the toughest examinations, so quality study hours are needed for the preparation of NTA UGC NET.

An aspirant must improve question solving speed, practice with mock tests and should study from authentic books only to save and maintain study hours for UGC NET examination.

So finally, 3-5 quality study hours are needed to prepare for UGC NET examination.

Suggested By

Mohd. Rizwan

M.Com, M.A. (Education), B.Ed. & NET

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Education,

Kumaun University, Nainital

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