Corruption and Nepotism in Higher Education Institutions in India

The development of the education system in India has been seriously hampered by the prevalence of corruption and nepotism in the country’s higher education institutions. Numerous behaviours qualify as forms of corruption in higher education institutions, including accepting bribes in exchange for admission or grades, misusing funds, and nepotism in hiring and promotion decisions. Due to the unfair practises, this corrupt system impedes the advancement of deserving pupils and teachers.

We need to put in place a few measures to address this issue. To ensure accountability and openness, these institutions should first be subject to a system of oversight. To penalize individuals found guilty of corrupt practices, there should be rigorous laws and regulations. Thirdly, we must support and advance meritocracy by ensuring that admissions, promotions, and appointments are made exclusively on the basis of competence and without regard to favoritism or nepotism.

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