Difference among Conference, Workshop, Seminar and Symposium

seminar and conference

Difference among Conference, Workshop, Seminar and Symposium

Few terms are commonly asked in UGC NET examination so a UGC NET aspirant must know about the difference among Conference, Workshop, Seminar and Symposium. All these are conducted to develop the higher cognitive abilities. Let’s know about all these as follow:

Conference:- A conference is a formal event in which a number of researchers, teachers, organizations delegates and academics gather to discuss and present their works on a specific topic. Specific information only a particular topic is discussed and shared among the participants in conference. Conferences are conducted for longer period usually.

Workshop:-  Workshops are organised to enhance the psychomotor aspects of the participants in a shorter group. Mostly workshops are conducted in a smaller group of participants to learn and to enhance the specific skills. Workshops are more organised in comparison of seminars as specific resource persons and more interested participants are gathered in workshop to learn the skills in a college department or university campus.

Seminar:- A seminar is conducted in a college or university campus to present the work and thought on given theme or sub-theme. As seminar is comparatively less organised in comparison of a conference, the participants are more free to present their short researcher work in seminars through sub-themes but these should be relevant to the main theme also. Moreover, seminars are conducted for shorter period often in comparison of conference.

Symposium:- Symposium is a very popular method of teaching and learning in higher classes for a specific topic. Generally, it is conducted in shorter group of participant in college department of university campus. Through the symposium method of learning and teaching, the participants come to the conclusion after discussing and sharing their opinion on a specific topic. We can say it ‘Intellectual-entertainment’ also. Adjustment level, self-learning habits, cooperation and speaking capabilities are encouraged through symposium method of teaching and learning.

Conference, Workshop, Seminar and Symposium are held on different levels, such as regional, national and international levels also.

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