Discussion Method of Teaching

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Discussion Method of Teaching

Discussion method is one of the most popular teaching methods. Discuss word is taken from the latin word ‘discutere’ which meaning is to shake something. In this way through discussion we reach to some conclusion by shaking, talking and sharing ideas about a pre-decided topic among the participants.

The students sitting in U-shape or in circle shape share their ideas while the teacher evaluates them and by doing so they learn better than the lecture method, seminar method or conference method. Discussion method enhances the critical thinking, confidence, team work, language skills, leadership skills and participation skills etc. in the students.

There are different types of discussion method such as Panel Discussion, Formal Discussion, Informal Discussion, Individual Discussion and Parliamentary Discussion.

However discussion method is time consuming and all the topics cannot be taught through discussion method.

The teacher is the facilitator in discussion method so he must plan all the things before starting the discussion among students, establish the rules of discussion and he must motivate the students for taking the initiatives in the discussion.

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