Distance Education: Concepts and Principles

distance education

Distance Education: Concepts and Principles by Madhulika Sharma

The work at hand on ‘Distance Education’ is the result of the appreciation and admiration of my many works on various aspects of education and publisher’s desire that I should present this work to the learned scholars and students, hence, I feel duty-bound to express my heart-felt thanks, gratitude and indebtedness to the readers of my earlier works and the publisher alike. I trust that work on ‘Distance Education’ will fulfill a national need because it not only spells out the theory and practice of distance education but also attempts to establish that distance learning is in no way inferior in quality and variety. The degrees and diplomas awarded by the recognized universities and institutions are at par with such degrees and diplomas awarded by the universities and institutions imparting education through formal system of education. This has been done through Chapter 19 captioned as ‘The Truth About Distance Education’, thus it is an unique feature of this book. This book also stresses that distance education democratizes education and attempts to take the education to people’s doorsteps and this system is most cost effective for both the nation as well as the learner.

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