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NTA-UGC-NET: GENERAL PAPER (Important Books Directory)

NTA-UGC-NET is the eligibility for the post of Assistant Professor in college and university campus. This is one of the most difficult examinations conducted in India. The syllabus is so wide thus an aspirant has to cover all the dimensions of each unit from different sort of authentic books. An important book can make a difference in result. As there is so lack of authentic material in the market for the preparation of the examination. Many times an aspirant finds a few pages valuable in a particular book for this highly competitive examination. Moreover, the problem becomes bigger when there is a short time to prepare. According to his experiences and knowledge about this examination, the author has written down a very needful and important book directory in a very short and simple manner to assist the aspirants to crack the NTA-UGC-NET/JRF /SLET. This book can also be helpful for those who are preparing for Research Aptitude Test (RAT) for Ph.D. programs  in different universities of the country.

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