Essentials of Education Psychology

essentials of educational psychology

Essentials of Education Psychology by Mangal S.K

A harmonious blend of the theoretical and practical aspects of educational psychology, this student-friendly text provides a base for the understanding of the subject. The book discusses the various aspects of growth and development, specifically during childhood and adolescence, and accords due importance to the cognitive aspect of human behaviour with elaborate text on intelligence, creativity, thinking, reasoning and problem-solving.Besides maintaining a logical progression of topics, the author has interspersed the text with examples and illustrations to provide an in-depth analysis of the subject matter. The book is ideally suited for the B.Ed. and B.A. (Education) courses but can also be a valuable reference for teachers, teacher-trainees, and practising counsellors at various levels of school education. It features: cogent and coherent style of writing; assignment problems and sample tests at the end of various chapters; and, wide range of examples and over 50 illustrations to support and explain the topics discussed.

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