Five things to remember for UGC NET preparation

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Five things to remember for UGC NET preparation

As you know UGC NET is one of the most toughest examinations in India and even a single question matters to qualify this examination. In my point of view you must remember five things when you are doing preparation for UGC NET examination.

  1. Choose Authentic Books Only:- I have selected this advice for first rank as I think it is the most important for the aspirants. Not a single book can cover the entire wide syllabus for UGC NET so you must buy unit wise books for the UGC NET examination preparation. Once you have prepared well unit wise then you may revise all syllabus with a single book which has only multi choice questions. 
  2. Do Note Making:- While you are preparing from authentic books only, you must take notes also. You should believe, this particular practice will raise your success ratio in this one of the toughest examinations in India. These specific notes have direct impact on your weakness and strength and these are essential for revision purpose also.
  3. Join Study Groups:- You must the importance of study groups as you the group member can share valuable study materials, relevant updates and much more on these particular groups. When the aspirants are regular share important study materials and that all, they get positive results out of these activities. You can join some important groups over here.
  4. Do Revision systematically:- Once all the units are prepared well, you must revise the units separately not together. As the time management is essential in revision also, you must allocate it well. I have provided some important revision notes in this particular link, you must do it according to your weakness and strength.
  5. Practice with Mock Tests:- In my point of view, the aspirants should practice with mock tests. This practice will enhance the confidence and thinking abilities of the aspirants. Moreover, the aspirant will be able to know where they are lacking in preparation or revision also. For this purpose I have prepared some FREE MOCK TESTS on my blog, you can visit into this link. I hope through these free mock test, the aspirant will get sure benefits.

Best of luck From:-

Dr. Mohd. Rizwan

M.A., M.Com. UGC NET (Multiples Disciplines), Ph.D.

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