Helpful Habits For UGC NET

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Helpful Habits For UGC NET

When we talk about UGC NET, even a single question matters a lot. During the interviews with UGC NET aspirants I observed that due to the lack of few skills the aspirants bear a loss of some questions. Here I suggest you few helpful habits for UGC NET.

The following helpful habits for UGC NET aspirants can develop before the next UGC NET examination.

# 1. The aspirants must enhance their speed on working with computer system. It may include mouse operating and keyboard handling etc.

# 2. The aspirants should improve their vocabulary as in few subjects some words are very difficult to understand in Hindi language while these sort of words are easily understandable in English language.

# 3. The aspirants must strengthen their skills in mock tests for UGC NET as this habit can change the game.

# 4. The aspirants should build a habit of early rising as it can save 2-3 hours in a day and these hours will help in time management for UGC NET and it can raise the marks graph surely.

# 5. The aspirants should join and maintain a healthy and active study group (physical and virtual both) as it updates the current issues and increase relevant knowledge for UGC NET regularly.

# 6. The aspirants should minimize watching the television and excessive usage of social media to maintain the time management for UGC NET.

# 7. The aspirants must develop a habit to solve the previous year question papers to secure their success in UGC NET examination.


These helpful habits for UGC NET are based on the popular book “51 Tips to Crack NTA UGC NET – General Paper” written by Dr. Mohd. Rizwan

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