How to Manage Time for NTA-UGC-NET

ugc net time management

How to manage time for NTA UGC NET

There is a great need of time management in NTA-UGC-NET examination.  A candidate must prepare all the units giving proper time to each unit of the syllabus. An aspirant must know the following facts for the purpose:

  1. Allocate your time for each unit:

 As the NTA-UGC-NET syllabus is so wide, the aspirant must allocate his/her time for each unit of the syllabus. For example if you have average 5 hours in a day for self-study. Allocate it according to your strong and weak units in the syllabus.


  1. Study from authentic books only:

 Unreliable books consumes a lot of our precious time. Moreover, the market is full of books for the NTA-UGC-NET preparation, you must select the authentic books recommended by your teachers and subject experts. 


  1. Enhance your question solving speed:

 In the examination hall, you have to solve 150 questions at all and time limit is 180 minutes only so for each question you are provided 1.20 minutes on an average. Besides this, other formalities in examination hall consumes our time also. Conclusively, you have to raise your question solving speed through practice.


  1. Give mock test regularly:

 Through authentic websites you may give mock test regularly. It will definitely boost your confidence also.


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