Lecture Method of Teaching

lecture method

Lecture Method of Teaching

There are different sort of lecture methods. Lecture method of teaching is one of the most popular teaching methods. A teacher teaches his students through lecture in which he explains the facts and principles to the students for the clarification the concepts in the class.

Lecture word is derived from the Latin word ‘lactare’ which means to read loudly. In lecture method a teacher talks about the subject related relevant facts and the students listen these facts and make notes later on.

Advantages:  More specific information and concepts can be taught to a number of students in less time and with less cost through lecture method. Lecture method improves listening skills and creative skills of students. An effective teacher can make his or her lecture method highly fruitful through putting different relevant examples, using audio-visual aids, maintain eye contact and with strong vocabulary skills.

Disadvantages: As we know individual differences play an important role in teaching and learning process, teaching through lecture method does not fulfill the requirement of special need students. Moreover, lecture method consumes more time in comparison of other methods of teaching. The students are only passive listeners in lecture method of teaching.

Finally we can say here that lecture method is more useful for the students of higher education.



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