Methods of Teaching

methods of teaching

Methods of Teaching

“The method of teaching is which approaches most likely to the method of investigation.”

                                        ——– Burke

Teaching methods are also called the methods of instruction. Teaching methods are the direction and the guidance for learning. Some teaching methods are teacher-centered while some teaching methods are student-centered. Different sort of teaching methods are written down as follow:

  1. Lecture method
  2. Demonstration Method
  3. Lecture-Cum- Demonstration Method
  4. Group Discussion Method
  5. Question Answer Method
  6. Computer Assisted Method
  7. Laboratory Method
  8. Programmed Instruction
  9. Field Trip Method
  10. Symposium Method
  11. Problem Solving Method
  12. Team Teaching Method
  13. Seminar Method
  14. Workshop Method
  15. Panel Discussion Method
  16. Role Playing Method
  17. Project Method
  18. Micro Teaching Method
  19. Simulated Teaching Method
  20. Tutorial Method
  21. Conference Method


In next posts each teaching method will be explained separately.

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