NTA-UGC-NET Geography- Important Books

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NTA-UGC-NET Geography- Important Books

(Recommended By Mr. A.P. Singh Rathore)

M.A. (Geography, Education and Philosophy), UGC-NET-JRF  
(Assit. Prof.) Department of Education
  1. Geography of India- Mahesh Kumar Baranwal
  2. India- A Comprehensive Geography- D.R. Khullar
  3. Human Geography- Prof. Majid Hussain
  4. Climatology & Oceanography- D.S. Lal
  5. Environmental Geography- Dr. Savindra Singh
  6. Geomorphology- Dr. Savindra Singh
  7. Evolution of Geographical Thought- Majid Hussain

Best of Luck for the Examinations!


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