NTA-UGC-NET History Important Books

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NTA-UGC-NET History-Important Books

Recommended By- Mr. Altaf Ali

(Assistant Professor) B.Ed. (S.St.)

M.Com, M.A. (Economics), M.A. (History), M.Ed.

NET (Education, History & Economics)

  1. Ancient India (Prachin Bharat) By K.C. Srivastava
  2. Ancient India (Prachin Bharat) By A.L. Basham
  3. Ancient India (Prachin Bharat) By Romila Thapar
  4. Ancient India (Prachin Bharat) By Ramsaran Mishra
  5. Ancient India (Prachin Bharat) By S.K. Pandey
  6. Ancient India (Prachin Bharat) By Jha and Srimali
  7. Medieval India (Madhyakalin Bharat) By Irfan Habib
  8. Medieval India (Madhyakalin Bharat) By Harishchandra Verma (Part I &II)
  9. Medieval India (Madhyakalin Bharat) By Imtiyaz Ahmad
  10. Medieval India (Madhyakalin Bharat) By Ashirwadilal Srivastav
  11. Medieval India (Madhyakalin Bharat) By J.L. Mehta (Part I, II & III)
  12. Medieval India (Madhyakalin Bharat) By S.K. Pandey
  13. Modern Indian (Adhunik Bharat) By Sumit Sarkar
  14. Modern Indian (Adhunik Bharat) By Bipin Chandra
  15. Modern Indian (Adhunik Bharat) By Spectrum Adhunik Bharat
  16. Modern Indian (Adhunik Bharat) By R.L. Shukl
  17. Modern Indian (Adhunik Bharat) By S.K. Pandey
  18. Modern Indian (Adhunik Bharat) By Sabyasachi Bhattacharya
  19. Modern Indian (Adhunik Bharat) By Rajni Pam Dutt
  20. World History (Vishwa Itihas) By Jain and Mathur

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