1. Few words about first attempt

According to me, you have to appear in examination whether you have prepared well or not in your first attempt as in this way you can learn a lot from this first experience such as time management ideas and your knowledge level etc. in real practical situations in the examination hall. In my point of view, if the concepts are clear and you have confidence in you, you can qualify the examination in your first attempt also.

  1. Ideal Level of study 

As the syllabus is so wide for the examination, an aspirant should start the study from the root level so that no part of any level of any section may be left. Many times questions are asked from the root level. Remember, it is very necessary.

  1. Power of note making

Definitely, this habit can raise the success ratio in the examination. It will boost your concentration in the study. I experienced that I got concentration even in that unit in which I faced difficulties earlier. You must prepare your own notes by writing, underlining, recording and highlighting the main facts. In revision time, these your own notes will reduce the stress and finally you can revise whole syllabus in few days. If you can make your own questions in your written notes you can secure distinguished percentage in the merit. Making notes is always a successful strategy for the examination.

  1. Question solving speed

 As you know, there are 50 questions in First Paper and 100 questions in Second Paper (Total 150 questions) and time given is 60 minutes for First Paper and 120 minutes for Second Paper (Total 180 minutes) so for each question 1.20 minutes are allotted. While other formalities in the classroom consume the time also. My point is to suggest that you should raise your question solving speed to solve all the questions correctly.

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