Preparation Tips for NTA UGC NET

ugc net preparation

Preparation Tips for NTA UGC NET

1.Take the First Paper Seriously.

It is compulsory paper and general to all aspirants This paper carries 50 questions (100 marks) which is 1/3 of total marks (including marks of First Paper and Second Paper). So each aspirant must take it seriously and prepare for it attentively. According to my experience qualifying this paper is a determining factor for the success in NTA-UGC-NET.

2.Start preparation from your interest area.

An aspirant should start study from the syllabus part in which he or she has more interest. Gradually, this interest level extends to other parts of the syllabus.

3.Should an aspirant join coaching classes?

Although coaching for NTA-UGC-NET examination is not necessary but if you want to join the coaching classes for better results, my strong suggestion is do not depend on the coaching classes. Success in this examination can be got from the self-study also. I did not join any coaching class for the preparation for the examination yet I qualified NTA-UGC-NET in multiple subjects.

4.Don’t be depend on a single book.

As the syllabus of NTA-UGC-NET examination is so wide and the difficulty level is so high, we must not depend on a single book. In my point of view, a single book can not cover all the sections of the syllabus. Some sections are covered in a book in a better way while another book contains some other sections in an efficient manner.



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