Primary and Secondary Data

primary and secondary data

Primary and Secondary Data


The data collection is one of the most important steps in research process. The data is collected to obtain the various information and records for the purpose of the research. The data is collected through primary and secondary data collection methods.

 Primary Data

This type of data is collected for the very first time and it is not used or published by anywhere else earlier. Such type of data is collected mainly for the present study purpose. Primary data collection consumes high cost and more time.


Sources of Primary Data :- The main and important sources of primary data are as follow:

Observation method

Interview method

E-mail Survey method

Questionnaire method

Survey method

Case studies method


 This type of data is available data which was collected by someone else already. This sort of data is highly authentic as it was collected and analyzed by the other researchers in advance earlier.


Such type of data is available at low cost and in few time but sometime it is not as much relevant as the researchers need in their studies.


Sources of Secondary Data :- The major important sources of secondary data are as follow:

Different sort of publications of state, central or foreign governments such as census 2011 of Indian Government and Health Reports of WHO.

Different books, magazines, periodicals,  research journals and newspapers.

Different synopsis and thesis submitted by research scientists in colleges or universities.

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