research ethics

Research Ethics

Research Ethics are the moral principles which are organized concepts of good or bad manner in the area of Research. The Research Ethics are defensive in nature and these ethics suggest what to do or what not to do in the research.

A researcher should follow the provided research ethics in the research:

  1. The researcher should be honest in each and every aspect of research process such as fair sampling procedure, accurate analyses of the data, research findings and writing research reports.
  2. The researcher should follow the copyright rules and regulations. The researcher should provide the due credit to the original authors and researchers regarding the matter taken in the research.
  3. The researcher should follow the rules and regulations regarding plagiarism.
  4. The researcher should be transparent in the research process. The researcher should not be biased on any ground in the research.
  5. The researcher should protect the privacy and self-respect of humans in research.
  6. The researcher should follow the code of conduct in the research. 
  7. The researcher should not harm any human or animal in the research.
  8. The researcher should reveal the facts critically with innovative thoughts.
  9. The researcher should take care about confidential issues such as the personal records of persons and military secrets of the countries in the research.
  10. The researcher should follow the law and order of the particular country in terms of the research.
  11. The researcher’s work should be for the welfare of humanity.

Blog Post Written By:-

Dr. Mohd. Rizwan

M.A., M.Com., UGC NET (Multiple Disciplines) and Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, 

Kumaun University, Nainital

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