Research Methodology: Logic, Methods and Cases

Research Methodology Logic, Methods and Cases

Research Methodology: Logic, Methods and Cases by Sameer S. Phanse

“Every researcher knows the significance of research methodology. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that there are abundant books on research methodology. However, the author’s approach of logically justifying every concept and step of research methodology makes this a unique book.” – Vivek Patkar’s review in IIM Ahmedabad journal ‘Vikalpa’
“The thematic scope of Phanse’s book is vast, as revealed by its coverage: much prefatory material, 16 substantive chapters, and two appendices spread over nearly 760 pages.” – N Jayaram’s review in Economic and Political Weekly (EPW) magazine 

Research Methodology—Logic, Methods, and Cases shares valuable, rarely accessible methodological insights, capable of turning seekers into mature researchers. Besides postgraduate management students, others such as research/doctoral scholars, academicians, practising researchers, consultants, and corporate executives connected to research will also find this book useful as it illustrates the philosophical underpinnings of research procedures in detail. The book also shares important methodological insights.
The book makes research intuitive, effective, and enjoyable by divulging philosophical and logical ideas that are key to comprehension of others’ research and success in one’s own research.

Key Features
• Comprehension versus Memorization: Knowledge through understanding rather than rote learning
• Methodological Legitimacy: ‘Why’, not just ‘How’ of research
• Multiple Methods Discussed: Empirical, Statistical, and Logical
• Cutting Edge: Statistical Computing Resources discussed along with their methodological implications in research including data analytics

Online Resources
The following resources are available to support the faculty using this text:
• PowerPoint Slides 
• Instructor’s Manual
• Additional Critical Thinking Challenges

Table of Contents
1. Introduction to Research and Research Methodology 
2. Science and Scientific Thinking 
3. The Research Process 
4. Research Design 
5. Formal Logic, Deduction, and Induction 
6. Theories and Hypotheses 
7. Explanation, Prediction, and Laws 
8. Observation, Measurement, and Data 
9. Statistical Sampling 
10. Parametric and Non-parametric Statistics 
11. Hypothesis Testing and Managerial Decision-making 
12. Introduction to Advanced Statistical Concepts and Applications 
13. Data Collection Methods 
14. Reporting the Research 
15. Questionnaire Design 
16. Field Operations

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