Role Play Method

role play method

Role Play Method

“Role Playing is the changing of one’s behaviour to fulfill a social role.”
——- Oxford English Dictionary

The famous philosopher John Dewey suggested that students learn easily through learning-by-doing. Role play method of teaching is one of the most popular methods of teaching as it provides new realistic experiences to the group of students through acting and observation according to managed situation. It is based on socio-psycho drama. The students try to act like they are the real characters so that the required lessons can be taught to them and other students also.

Students’ active participation is required to make the role play successful so a teacher should make his or her students understand and aware about the situation as role playing method of teaching is not effective if the students do not understand about it.

Role playing is an important method of teaching to develop and to enhance the abilities of thinking, adjustment, communication skills, observation skills, problem solving and creativity. Role playing enables students to cope up with unseen problems and difficulties in their lives.

Successful role play should be brief and the evaluation should be done immediately. Moreover, the role play method should be applied under the supervision of an expert counselor. When the role play is over, an appropriate discussion should be there to know what the students have learnt through role play method.

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