Success Secrets for NTA UGC NET


Success Secrets for NTA UGC NET

NTA-UGC-NET is the eligibility for the post of Assistant Professor in college and university campus. This is one of the most difficult examinations conducted in India. Click here to see success ratio in recent NTA-UGC-NET examination.


The following secrets you must remember to get success in NTA-UGC-NET.

1. Target your goal to 80%

 If you want to increase your success ratio in the examination, set your goal to 80% marks in the examination and prepare accordingly. In my point of view, 5 to 10 percent % marks may vary and in this situation too you will get success in NTA-UGCNET definitely.

2. Practice more and more

 If you have good command over subject, do practice yet for better performance, if you are weak in the various sections of the syllabus, do rigorous practice throughout the subject. Through practice you will command on your subject soon.

3. Avoid Distractions

 You should avoid different sort of distractions you find in your surroundings and avoid also those people who make you confused and the people who waste your precious time. Click here to read more on Time Management Tips on NTA-UGC-NET exam.

4. Quality study hours

 Study hours vary from person to person. In my point of view a self-study of 5 hours is sufficient for a person to prepare for this examination. You can set these hours in different time slots. Remember, quality study hours matter always.

5. Prepare from authentic books only

 As the market is full of the books for preparing the NTA-UGCNET examination. With the advice of your lecturer, senior or subject expert, you must choose the authentic book written by subject expert. The authentic books save valuable time, clear concepts and present almost all necessary content in an error free way. 

6. Allocation of study hours

 Once the interest level is developed, allocate your study hours in each portion of the syllabus according to the difficulty level of the content. Each section is really significant and important in terms of study as about 6 questions come from each section of the syllabus.


According to his experiences and knowledge about this examination, the author has written down very needful and important tips in the book “51 Tips to Crack NTA-UGC-NET (General Paper)“  by Mohammad Rizwan in a very short and concise manner to assist the aspirants to crack the NTA-UGC-NET/JRF /SLET examination.

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