Tips and Techniques for UGC NET

Near about one million aspirants appear in UGC NET examination and less than 10% of total appearing aspirants qualified this respectful and one of the toughest examinations of India.

Today I share few tips and techniques for UGC NET and I believe that all these tips and techniques will help all the aspirants so much to crack UGC NET examination in the first attempt.

Let’s explore these tips and techniques for UGC NET.

  1. Choose Authentic Books Only:- Whenever I train the aspirants in any UGC NET workshop or UGC NET training program, I asked a question to the aspirants with which books they are preparing for UGC NET and most of the time I got the response that they are preparing with only a book which has all units combined in a single book. In my point of view these sort of books are essential for revision and practice purpose when you have prepared a lot through the separate books for each unit of the syllabus. Such popular book is recommended here. So prepare unit wise accordingly through authentic books recommended by your teachers or subject experts.
  2. Time Management is Required:- When we prepare unit wise through authentic books, a lot of time is required regularly. Moreover, we have to perform other responsibilities also in our lives so the time management is to be maintained and a minimum of dedicated 3-4 hours are essential for self-study purpose.
  3. Note Making is Essential:- Note making is essential to revise the syllabus in a short period. Moreover, it strengthens our command over the subject. I recommend to take a blank register on which the notes are to be made by the UGC NET aspirants. These types of hand written notes are easy to revise efficiently. I have done it personally and got the benefits of this practice.
  4. Revise the Entire Syllabus:- Once the syllabus is completed, the aspirants must revise it unit wise firstly and then randomly. At this level for revision and practice purpose the aspirants can use the popular single book which has all units together in it.
  5. Take Mock Tests:- UGC itself recommended to take mock tests to qualify the UGC NET examination. The aspirants must take the mock tests on regular basis. Few free mock tests unit wise are recommended for the aspirants on the provided link here.
  6. Do Group Study:- The aspirants can prepare for General Paper in groups also as it sharpen their learning skills and revision practice also. The sincere and dedicated group members can learn more in specific subjects also. For learning and practice purposes, the aspirants can join social media groups which are dedicated to UGC NET examination. I recommend following social media groups for relevant posts, tips, study material, important questions and much more on UGC NET examination.

These Tips and Techniques for UGC NET  are taken from the book, “51 Tips to Crack NTA-UGC-NET: General Paper” written by Mohammad Rizwan. This book can be bought from


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