Tips to Crack UGC NET May 2021

Tips to Crack UGC NET May 2021

ugc net may 2021

Tips to Crack UGC NET May 2021

NTA-UGC-NET is one of the toughest examination to determine the eligibility for the post of Assistant Professor in India. Near about one million aspirants register every year for this particular examination in more than 80 subjects. This examination consist two papers. First Paper is general and same for all aspirants and Second paper is subject specific.

In my experience of training UGC NET aspirants for more than five years, I suggest the following tips to crack UGC NET examination.

Manage Time:


As you know NET examination is one of the toughest examinations in India, we must prepare for it with time managing skills. Manage your time intelligently for self study, group study, revision and practice. Believe, you can do it with time management in first attempt.


Choose Authentic Books:

As the market is full of the books for preparing the NTA-UGCNET examination. With the advice of your lecturer, senior or subject expert, you must choose the authentic book written by subject expert. The authentic books save valuable time, clear concepts and present almost all necessary content in an error free way. 


Do Quality Study

Study hours vary from person to person. In my point of view a self-study of 5 hours is sufficient for a person to prepare for this examination. You can set these hours in different time slots. Remember, quality study hours matter always.


Make Notes:

Definitely, this habit can raise the success ratio in the examination. It will boost your concentration in the study. I experienced that I got concentration even in that unit in which I faced difficulties earlier. You must prepare your own notes by writing, underlining, recording and highlighting the main facts. In revision time, these your own notes will reduce the stress and finally you can revise whole syllabus in few days. If you can make your own questions in your written notes you can secure distinguished percentage in the merit. Making notes is always a successful strategy for the examination.

Know the Importance of First Paper:

It is general paper and compulsory to all aspirants. This paper carries 50 questions (100 marks) which is 1/3 of total marks (including marks of First Paper and Second Paper). So each aspirant must take it seriously and prepare for it attentively. According to my experience qualifying this paper is a determining factor for the success in NTA-UGC-NET examination.


Avoid Distraction:

You should avoid different sort of distractions you find in your surroundings and avoid also those people who make you confused and the people who waste your precious time. Click here to read more on Time Management Tips on NTA-UGC-NET exam.

Do Revision:

If you have good command over subject, do practice yet for better performance, if you are weak in the various sections of the syllabus, do rigorous practice throughout the subject. Through practice you will command on your subject soon.

Improve Question Solving Speed:

As you know there are 50 questions in First Paper and 100 questions in Second Paper (Total 150 questions) and time given is 60 minutes for First Paper and 120 minutes for Second Paper (Total 180 minutes) so for each question 1.20 minutes are allotted. While other formalities in the examination hall consume the time also. My point is to suggest that you should raise your question solving speed to solve all the questions correctly.

Solve Mock Tests:

In present scenario, we can check our performance giving mock test papers online. There are many authentic websites through which we can ascertain it clearly. In my point of view, it is important for confidence building purpose also. You can check your performance free of cost on


Study in Groups:

Self study has its own limitations, you must study for few hours in groups also. For few hours, study with your friends who are preparing for NET examination. You can study mutually for General paper and for same subject. Join dedicated websites and groups on social media for NTA UGC NET only and give some time to these groups in a day. Visit dedicated websites for NET examination frequently for updates and tips for the NET examination. For the purpose you can do the followings:

You can Join

You can Join

You can visit


These 10 Tips to Crack UGC NET in First Attempt are taken from the book, “51 Tips to Crack NTA-UGC-NET: General Paper” written by Mohammad Rizwan. This book can be bought from


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