Types of Researches



Research is a search for the knowledge. It is a scientific effort to study a problem through a systematic process. A researcher finds results and new knowledge with the help of research. I provide here few major types of researches. This short description will help to understand these types of researches and to solve the objective questions in the examinations.


Types of Researches

  1. Fundamental Research: It is called basic research also. Scientific Theories are developed in this research.
  1. Experimental Research: In this research cause and effect relationship is studied through manipulation and controlling one or more independent variables and measuring the changes in other dependent variables.
  1. Action Research: In action research a researcher or participant use his or her own practices for the immediate solution of any problem through various strategies and techniques.
  1. Applied Research: In applied research the applicability of a theory of principle is studied to the solution of a problem.
  1. Ex-Post Facto Research: This type of research is to investigate cause and effect relationship and it is conducted after an event to observe the effect on dependent variable. The researcher has no or less control on independent variable in such type of research.
  1. Historical Research: This research is for the analysis of the historical and past incidents. It deals with the discovery of the data related to the past.
  1. Descriptive Research: It is used to obtain the certain information concerning the present status of the phenomena. Such type of research is commonly used is theses and dissertations of educational research with the help of questionnaire and interviews etc.  

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