UGC NET 1000 MCQs In Economics


1000 MCQs In Economics For UGC NET, Ph.D Entrance And Upsc Examinations By J.V.Vaishmapayan

In recent years, the technique of ‘Multiple Choice Questions’ (MCQs) has become a dominant method of testing the knowledge of the students all across the world. Although, it was originally developed for the entrance examinations for various courses or for the recruitment examinations, now it has gained greater acceptability in academic examinations and internal tests also. The biggest advantage of multiple choice questions is that it eliminates the subjectivity in evaluation and this technique has emerged as the fastest mode of evaluation in public examinations, through OMR sheets. No doubt, this method has also some limitations, because it is believed that it often fails to test the understanding and analytical skills of a candidate, but with greater skill and innovativeness in question framing, these limitations can be overcome to a large extent. The present book is a comprehensive collection on multiple choice questions in economics. It contains 1000 questions, covering the following major topics in economics Micro-Economics, Macro-Economics, International Economics, Development Economics, Public Finance, Environmental Economics, Demography, Money Banking and Financial System, Indian Economics and Basic Statistics. On each of the above topics, questions are both theoretical and practical – either based on a diagram or to be calculated numerically. However, care has been taken to ensure that the numerical questions do not involve long calculations and can be solved quickly. The key to the above questions is given at the end of the book.

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