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UGC NET Urdu- Important Book

The present book, Khazeen-E-Adab on Urdu Literature is based on the latest pattern of UGC-NET Exam (Paper II) for Eligibility to the JRF and Assistant Professor positions. To make you well acquainted with the exam-pattern and tackle the test with confidence, it has been enriched with the essences of Urdu literature, covering almost each aspect of what is required for UGC exams. Every topic in the book has been elaborated lucidly, leaving no room for any doubt and confusion. 
Well-structured, reader-friendly study material with plenteous information on the subject of Urdu and all that come in its literature is evident from the topics covered therein as also the simplicity with which the treatises have been written in it.
This book will definitely help you overcome the difficulties, which you might have faced so far while preparing for the said exams. 
Though the study material of this book have been prepared with the sole objective of widening the horizon of your knowledge in Urdu language and literature and enabling you to face the exams with unflinching confidence and courage, your devotion to its study will definitely help you realise your dream of desired success in the faculty of Urdu.

Previous Years’ Papers (Solved), December 2014 to November 2017; Study Materials.

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